​​​​​sharon joan works & designs

Sabia (Sweet One)

A 14" Helen Kish of the Chrysalis collection. Originally a factory paint "Piper Tea at the Palace," Sabia was restyled and enhanced by Mellania Doll Fashions of Placerville, California. She wears the same size as the 13" Little Darling but just a bit taller with slightly longer arms. And of course those lovely Helen Kish signature hands!

Mairin (Star of the Sea)

This Dianna Effner 13" Little Darling was a factory produced "Mary-Jo" for the Little Darling introduction at the 2014 UFDC convention in Texas. I have renamed her Mairin which is an Irish form of Mary.  She has since been re-painted by Nancy Lee Moran. See Mairin's transformation on my Little Darling Makeover page.

Ailish (Light of Sun)

My Heart :) 16" Ailish was originally a factory paint Helen Kish "Spring" doll from the Seasons collection. Transformed with a face-up by fine portraiture artist Nancy Lee Moran of Auburn, Nebraska, Nancy does repaints of only factory made dolls. Her policy is to never repaint an artist original. Nancy's work is exquisite with every tiniest detail transforming the doll into a precious, lifelike treasure.

Aubrey (Rules the Elves)

A Dianna Effner mold "Boneka" doll, artist named Merle, #6 of 12. Little Aubrey is my smallest doll at 10". She's an imp, absolutely adorable and always ready for a perfect pose.

Laoghaire (Shepherd)

pronounced Leeh-ry or Leeh-er

A factory paint Helen Kish doll, "Summer" from the Seasons collection. Laoghaire stands 16" tall. I love her soft, pensive look and her lovely hands. She appears the most mature of the bunch which is fitting for her name meaning.

Saraid (Clear and Bright)

A Mini Maru from the Dianna Effner Maru and Friends line. Factory produced and not of any limited editions as far as I know. She is similar to the Little Darlings - 13.5" tall, but definitely not as small in body. She wears the same chest and waist size as the Helen Kish Seasons. She models dresses beautifully. I deliberately make the dresses to fit her as gowns while also fitting the Seasons as tea length (the sharing sisters).

Meet the littlest models...